Anil Narasimha

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Steven Banerjee


Mark Webb

VP Engineering

Nova Syed

VP Operations

Milad Alucozai

VP Business Development

Luc Bousse

Principal Scientist – MEMS

Marc Chooljian

Principal Scientist – Microfluidics

Tynan Perez

Associate Scientist – Chemistry

Charles Nguyen

MEMS Fab Technician

Scientific Advisors

Irving Weissman, MD

Irving Weissman, MD

Stem cell pioneer, serial entrepreneur (founded Forty Seven), and distinguished professor at Stanford.

Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD

Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD

MacArthur Genius, shortlisted for Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and distinguished professor at Stanford.
Cassian Yee, MD

Cassian Yee, MD

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and Director of Solid Tumor Cell Therapy at MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Pedigree / Collaborators