Universal Delivery of Molecules into Any Type of Cell

Mekonos is creating a proprietary cell-engineering platform, using scalable silicon technology, for hyper-precise ex vivo delivery of molecules into any type of cell.

Snapshot of Cell and Gene Therapies Today

The cell and gene therapy market is growing exponentially, with About 40 therapies expected to be approved by the end of 2022, from the 2017 pipeline of 932 development candidates in the US1. However, the number of therapies currently available to patients is limited by:

Inefficient delivery
technologies 2

Risky and expensive
development process 3

Sub-optimal and complex
supply chain 4

Making Cell and Gene Therapies More Accessible

At Mekonos, we’re reimagining ex vivo cell engineering for our partners in drug discovery and development. Our novel approach brings together three discrete technologies in an integrated system-on-a-chip to deliver any payload into any cell type.

Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)

The foundation of our system, MEMS technology allows for controlling individual nanoneedles to inject single cells, in a parallel architecture.


The microfluidics component of our chip is designed to precisely trap single cells in specific areas and treat them like bits of data.


Our proprietary surface chemistry allows for efficient attraction and release of any type of payload (DNA, RNA, proteins) into any type of cell.

Multiple pending patent families.


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