We are always interested in hearing from talented people. The following job roles list a set of requirements that are flexible. Even if you do not satisfy all of these requirements or not find a suitable role, we would love to hear from you and see how can we make you a part of our growing passionate team.

Mekonos is proud to be a equal opportunity workplace. Please send us your resume to: steven[at]mekonos[dot]com

Principal Scientist (MEMS)

The Scientist (MS/PhD in electrical/mechanical engineering/materials science/physics) will be responsible for designing MEMS devices with application specific characteristics toward nanoneedle embedded sensors; developing processes for laboratory, pilot and full-scale production and their quality control and assurance methods. You will develop strong capabilities in modeling and simulations, fabrication processes, process controls, product characterizations, and reliability testing. You will need to have strong understanding of MEMS design fundamentals including theoretical underpinnings and experience with resonant devices, FEA experience, COMSOL, CAD and layout experience; Microfabrication experience with proficiency in wafer level packaging technologies; Lab experience with test setup, measurement and Labview programming. You will work with MEMS foundries to support existing, and new fabrications process flows. You will be testing, characterizing and analyzing fabricated MEMS devices at probe level; perform wafer-level data analysis that correlates yield and reliability related parameters with process flow steps, and provide corrective actions; and interact with the MEMS design team to implement, verify and correct mask-sets for MEMS device tape-outs.

Principal Scientist (Microfluidics)

The Scientist (MS/PhD in electrical/mechanical engineering/materials science/physics) will be responsible for designing microfluidic chips for trapping and immobilizing different cell types; that will complement the MEMS chip design. You should be able to simulate multibody fluid flow in microfluidic architectures and can utilize simulation results to optimize such architectures. You can design and fabricate microfluidic architectures in variety of materials including polymers, glass, and specifically silicon. You have experience in silicon fabrication process technology. If you have additional MEMS fabrication experience, that is an added bonus. You have experience with wafer bonding,system integration and system on a chip (SOC) design and packaging. We are primarily looking for a candidate who has a broad multidisciplinary knowledge base and will be able to communicate with other engineers and partners.

Senior Scientist, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Mekonos is seeking a scientist (MS/PhD in cell biology/molecular biology/biochemistry/biomedical engineering) to use our chips for different cell manipulation experiments. Experience/expertise with primary cell cultures (preferably immune B and T cells), developing cell based assays, targeted genome editing platforms (preferably CRISPR-Car systems), handling single cells, acquiring and analyzing flow cytometry data using packages such as FlowJo, handling statistical and analyses softwares such as Microsoft Excel, R, GraphPad Prism and/or similar software packages would be a requirement. You may also have some experience with preparation of DNA and RNA sequencing libraries, nucleic acid sample quantification methods such as Qubit, qPCR etc., protein and gene expression and operation of lab robotics such as Hamilton, Beckman, Agilent or similar.

Embedded Systems Engineer

As an ES Engineer (BS/MS/PhD in mechatronics/electrical/computer/mechanical engineering/computer science/robotics), you will create the software interface to connect the microscopic imaging with the chips for seamless integration. Experience/expertise in past robotics projects (micro/macro scale), electromechanical or mechatronic systems, programming skills in C, C++, MATLAB and/or LabView, working on estimation, control, and/or planning algorithms for robotic systems, working with embedded software, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and/or other sensors, working with cameras and computer vision (feature tracking and localization using vision) and working with networking, communications and wireless (e.g. ZigBee, WiFi). You will also need to regularly co-ordinate with the cell biology scientist for implementation of the control software.

All of these positions require critical thinking and problem solving capabilities, outstanding oral and written communication skills, ability to work independently, being flexible and able to respond quickly to changing priorities and communicating results in conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

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